Monday, June 16, 2014

A Tale of Two Emmes-Emme Skirt by Bebelambs

The past couple weeks I've been doing some pattern testing for a couple of small PDF companies.  I've never done any pattern testing before yet somehow I ended up with three tests in three weeks!  Now I know that there is a lot of talk going around the sewing blogs about pattern testing.  They have all said just about everything there is to sell so I'll keep my two cents short.  I dedided to get involved in pattern testing for a couple of reasons.  1. The idea of being an "insider" sounded like a lot of fun to me 2. I enjoy the challenging aspects of trying out a new pattern 3. I'm a fairly new member to the online sewing community and I felt this would be a great way to foster relationships withing this great community.  

Now, moving on to the sewing.  This is the Emme skirt from Bebelambs. The skirt comes in some great variations: Simple, Drop Waist, Color Block, Ruffle, and Ribbon Trimmed.  It comes in sizes from Newborn all the way to a girls' size 10.  

My first Emme was a color blocked version.  I was able to use some scrap material picked up at a garage sale by my mom.  (The Emme is a great little scrap-buster).  Now I had some sizing issues, but this had absolutely nothing to do with Lynn's pattern.  I thought that the Little Miss would be wearing a size 5/6.  I cut and assembled the color block version before TLM had arrived and then measured her find out she was a 3! Well this was a surprise.  I didn't change the skirt at this point.  Instead I just used the elastic sizing for a 3.  Theres some strange bunching at the waist line, but nothing to severe.  

I did a second Emme in an ACTUAL size 3.  The fit is great.  For this one I used a thrifted Tommy Hilfiger sheet...DESIGNER!  I am absolutely in love with this skirt.  I used the simple skirt pattern and added the optional side seam pockets in a contrasting red.  (ETA: Apparently the pockets didn't make it into the final pattern draft. Any side seam pockets from another pattern could easily be added) I opted to topstich the pockets to the front of the skirt with red thread.  TLM can be very particular and I didn't want the pockets to flop around and annoy her.  Instead of hemming, I finished the bottom with some double-fold bias tape I had in my stash.  I love the cute All-American feel of this skirt.  I'm actually working on a skirt for myself made from the same sheet.  These will most likely be our 4th of July outfits.  

I love this pattern.  It's a simple, quick sew, (a simple skirt can be made in about 30 min).  Like all of Lynn's patterns, this is targeted toward beginners.  It is a simple skirt, nobody is reinvinting the wheel here, but there are endless variations possible making this a fantastic wardrobe builder.  I'm already plotting to modify one of the styles into a high-lo skirt and will also be using it as the base of a tank top dress.

Now, full disclosure, some people aren't going to care for this pattern because there are no actual pattern pieces.  Everything is done by measurements.  I personally love not having to deal with tiny pattern pieces.  Having all the measurements gives so many opportunities to really make the skirt your own.  Now, I'm sure some people can whip up a self-drafted skirt in no time flat.  This isn't the pattern for you.  But, if you're a beginner or someone who doesn't want to deal with the work involved with self-drafting, then Lynn has done all the hard work for you. 

The Emme skirt realeases today!  It's on sale for $5 USD until midnight EST Wednesday June 16th.  Do yourself a favor an snatch it up.  


  1. Oh, dear! These skirts are so sweet as your little princess, I was also looking at your previous post and now I'm completely in love with that beautiful dress .... so beautiful!

    1. Oh thank you so much! I think the blue dress is my favorite make to date. This skirt was fun to make. A great little pattern.