Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Love is Like a Unicorn-Duvet Cover

Here at the Roach house our house we are anxiously awaiting summer vacation and the return of The Little Miss to our side of the country. This basically means that in the name of cleaning, our house is a disaster and her poor unused bedroom looks like the back room of your local thrift shop. It's always worse before the calm, or whatever it is they say, so I'm fairly certain there will be a place for the child to sleep when she gets here.

What I do know is that her room will have a "big girl" makeover. Now, TLM is a tiny girl, and though she's five she's not really big enough to justify a twin bed. So, we're going to squeeze one more year out of her current, toddler sized bed. But the bedding MUST go. It currently has this set purchased at Ikea a couple of years ago. While it's cute, and will probably be up cycled into pajamas, it's just too "baby" for TLM.

When deciding what fabrics to choose I went directly to the source. Her request?  Pink with white unicorns. Okay, I didn't really see that coming from my Ninja Turtle loving, Ironman obsessed LM but okay, no problem. Surely there are veritable TONS of unicorn fabric.

No. There is not. I think I found a total of three unicorn fabrics in all of the interwebs. Then I came across this Riley Blake collection on Perfect! But not available!  I waited, not patiently at all, for the email announcing it's final arrival and quickly snatched up 1 yd of pink unicorns and another .5 yd of the contrasting rainbows. So glad I acted quickly, it doesn't appear like the pink is still available, though there are a couple other colorways. Wish I had purchased just a tad more to accent her curtains but hindsight and all that.

The construction was pretty easy, not much more than making a pillow case. I used the old Ikea cover as a guide for the measurements splitting up the front to allow for the contrasting edge. The cover is backed in soft, butter-yellow flannel from JoAnn's for maximum cuddliness. After the ruffles I wanted to add at the front seam line were soundly vetoed, I pulled some pink single-fold bias tape out of my stash and top stitched it across the seam. The bottom has an opening of about 12 inches to allow for removal of the actual duvet. I followed the lead of the Ikea cover and left it open, no buttons or ties. I just double folded and stitched the raw edges to give it a clean finish.

This was a very quick project, finished in less than two hours but will make a huge difference in TLM's room. I also threw together the pillow case here. I had just enough fabric left to add the trim to the existing pillow case.

Thanks for stopping by!  Next in the pipeline we have word searches, pirates, and more chairs. See you then.

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